Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School develops character building and education in schools through various programs and activities such as:


  • Homeroom Teacher and Dormitory Tutor Collaboration

    There are two people who take responsibility for each student/class as homeroom teacher and dorm tutor. These two figures act as a second family for each student during school and boarding time.

  • Parents Visit Program

    The homeroom teacher together with dorm tutor periodically visit to students’ home with the purpose of building partnership and can interact directly with parents as well as strengthen relationship between the two institutions that are most important for students progress, which is school and home.

  • Private counseling just between the homeroom teacher and the student

    Each homeroom teacher has a session to provide counseling service for each student once a week for the purpose of recognizing students’ cooperativity and togetherness in the class that is under homeroom teacher’s responsibility.

  • Student Camp

    This program is arranged twice a year at the end of 1st semester and 2nd semester after final exams with the purpose of refreshing and preparing students to get more focus on the next semester. This activity is also enriched with literacy session, outbound and team building.

  • Morning Speech

    The activity is carried out every morning where three students deliver speech, ideas, thoughts, opinions with topics related to education, technology, science, religion, moral and others. Moreover, they deliver speech in Indonesian, English and Arabic.

  • Social Activity

    This activity aims to build togetherness and solidarity between students and homeroom teacher. Held once a week on Saturday with a variety of exciting activities such as doing sport (futsal, basketball, swimming, etc.), city sightseeing, bookstores visit, cooking together, culinary tour in the city, going to the nearest student home, watching educational films, etc.

  • College Counseling
    The College Counseling of our school helps to provide infomration about concept of carrier planning by guiding them to choose correct major/field of study in the higher education level. To support this program, several activities are arranged, such as career interest and aptitude test, introduction to both local and foreign university studies, motivational seminars, career planning and campus tour in Indonesia.

  • Teach local children
    The program is Student Council (OSIS) collaboration with local people around the school to do volunteering and helping local children around neighborhood. This activity is conducted every Friday.


  1. National and Holy Days

    Student Council (OSIS) organizes special program to commemorate National and Holy Days such as Independence Day (17th of August), National Education Day, PBUH Muhammad Birthday, Isra ‘Miraj, Eid al-Adha, and many others.

  2. Clubs (Extracurricular)

    Our school prioritizes the idea of students’ multiple intelligence. Various intelligence in the shape of talent and interest is managed in clubs. Our school prepares all visual, psychomotor and experimental needs. We facilitate our students’ choices such as: art, sport, technology, science, foreign language, culture, religion study, social, and many others. The types of extracurricular activities such as futsal, basketball, badminton, swimming, Arabic, English, etc. accoding to their choices.

  3. Study Tour

    Educational activity in Cahaya Rancamaya School are not only bordered inside the classroom, but also widely opened in social life. One of this activity is educational trip. This activity besides providing a refreshing time, also deepening students’ insights about the world outside. In addition, they also get the opportunity to become social and cultural ambassadors from Indonesia in the countries they visit to. Moreover they are set to be able to improve their foreign language skills they learn at school and increase students’ cultural knowledge.

  1. Eid al-Adha

    As an implementation of good example and compassion for others, our school provides a room to build the good attitudes of students in Eid al-Adha activities and the distribution of qurban meat to underprivileged people.

  2. Iftar and charity during Ramadan month
    In Ramadan, our schools hold activities in the form of distributing iftar food pack and having iftar together. This activity may raise the sense of sharing and tolerance of students.

  3. Donate to orphans
    Our school gives opportunities for students to learn how to help one another with their underprivileged friends. The value ​​of this activity encourages our students to get involved social care.

  4. Disaster Aid
    Disaster comes unexpectedly. When this happens, our students through school name have a sense of responsibility to help ease the burden of disaster victims by collecting assistance in various forms such as money, food, blankets and others.

  5. Bazar for Charity
    For the activities above the school also facilitates students to organize charity bazaar where students sell food or items that they collect in each class and the proceeds of the sale are all given to support those social activities.

    1. Evening Self Study
      To gain more knowledge after learning activities during school time as well as to train the students’ self-responsibility for their duties as a student, our school organizes evening self study for students who stay in the dormitory. The support from tutors and teachers on-duty will encourage students to rehearse, comprehend and prepare the subjects for the next day.

    2. Tausyiah
      There are three times of sermon everyday that is after Subuh, Dzuhur and Isya prayers which are delivered by students as a room to convey everything they learn at school and dorm. Besides that students get used to do public speaking and build their self-confidence.

    3. Tahsin and Tahfidz
      To correct the recitation of the students, the Tahsin program id held in the dormitory. In addition, Tahfiz program is adjusted to students’ capacity to memorize and it is expected that for 3 years of school time the tahfiz-targed is achieved.

    4. Al-Quran and Hadits study
      Every Saturday and Sunday there is a study of Al-Quran and Hadits which is conducted by the teacher who is expert in this field so that students are expected to understand Al-Quran and the Hadits with correct reference and can apply the essence of them in daily life.

    5. Muhadharah
      One of student routine activity is muhadharah (speech practice). This activity is applied twice a week after the Isya prayer. Students do this activity in turn.